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General terms of placing orders

The general order conditions are valid for Lib OÜ (hereinafter referred to as LibPlanet) on the Internet website (hereinafter referred to as the website) through the ordering environment for other goods (hereinafter referred to as the product or products) (hereinafter referred to as e-shop).

In addition to these general terms and conditions, they govern the relationship between the subscriber and the People's Book relations with the legal norms in force in the Republic of Estonia, the procedure for processing the personal data of LibPlanet customers ( Privacy ), e-store product price list and well-established good practice.

These general terms and conditions, privacy and the price list of valid e-store products are available on LibPlanet website.

1. Ordering

This document defines the processing of customer data at the disposal of LibPlanet, its objectives, composition and confidentiality.

2. Delivery

2.1 The ordered products will be delivered by LibPlanet to the customer according to the one chosen by the customer when submitting the order way: either Omniva parcel machine, SmartPOST parcel machine, Eesti Post post office, Omniva or LibPlanet stores.

2.2. Delivery time:

2.3.1 The product will be delivered to the customer within the time indicated in the e-shop. Delivery times indicated in the e-shop valid only within the Republic of Estonia.

3. The Customer’s right to cancel the order

Customer data is any information that LibPlanet knows about its customer (eg customer's name, personal identification code, contact information, transaction data).

4. Registration

Processing of customer data is any operation performed on customer data (including collecting, storing, organizing, storing, modifying, disclosing, granting access to customer data, making, using, transmitting, cross-sharing, merging, closing, deleting and destroying customer data).

5. Customer’s Rights

The chief processor of customer data is LibPlanet (reg. Code 12450790, Mere pst 4, Tallinn 10111, Estonia).

5. Customer’s obligations

Postal service providers in order to deliver the ordered goods to the customer; Advertising service providers, including social media service providers, to whom we provide only the information necessary to inform customers about new products and special offers and to analyze customer behavior in the e-store;

Companies providing information technology support in order to ensure the operation and development of LibPlanet e-store and other used IT solutions.

Composition of customer data to be processed:

7. Rights of LibPlanet

first and last name / company name;

personal identification code / registry code;

residence / location;

current account;

contact information;

transaction data (customer purchases data);

Habits, preferences, and satisfaction data (e.g., activity usage, service and customer satisfaction data, and complaints)

all previously unspecified customer data transmitted by the customer to LibPlanet by means of communication (eg telephone and computer network) on its own initiative, incl. LibPlanet has the right to store all orders given by the customer by means of communication.

In order to have a better user experience in the mobile application, LibPlanet processes the following data:

Access to files is required to read eBooks.

access the camera to use an ISBN / EAN (barcode) scanner;

Wi-Fi connection control;

Location access.

On the bases provided by law, LibPlanet AS has the right to process customer data that is not mentioned in this document.

8. Obligations of LibPlanet

LibPlanet processes customer data in order to:

Fulfill your contract with the customer based on:

- when performing the contract or implementing pre-contractual measures at the request of the client;

- in fulfillment of a legal obligation;

- in the legitimate interest of LibPlanet.

Provide ancillary services, conduct customer satisfaction surveys, market analysis, and generate statistics based on:

- with the consent of the client;

- in the legitimate interest of LibPlanet to improve the services and products of LibPlanet;

- Improve the customer experience and develop new products and services.

Protect your violated or disputed rights (e.g., transferring data to court) based on:

- With the consent of the Client;

- when performing the contract or implementing pre-contractual measures at the request of the client;

- in fulfillment of a legal obligation;

- in the legitimate interest of LibPlanet to prevent, restrict and investigate the misuse or illegal use of the services and products of LibPlanet.

comply with legal obligations (eg transmission of data to an investigative body) based on:

- during the performance of the contract or the implementation of pre-contractual measures at the request of the client;

- in fulfillment of a legal obligation;

- LibPlanet legitimate interest in sound risk management and corporate governance.

In casr of questions please contact us on working days from 9-17 by phone number (+372) 58188509 or e-mail:


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